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Bookkeeping for Political Organizations in Washington, DC

Bookkeeping Services for Political Organizations in Washington, DC:

  • Manage your billing to help with your cash flow. 

  • Manage your receipts and help you get your expenses reimbursed. 

  • Use technology to help you manage and access your accounting from anywhere at anytime.

  • Internally review all of your  transactions.

  • Monitor your cash flow.

  • Help you provide better value to your clients.

Outsourcing with Lykke is the best option. It's simple math. Let us break it down for you:

If you expect to earn $10,000 a month with a client, that is $62.50 an hour. Now if you have 4 clients at that rate, you're making $250 an hour. With Lykke, we're costing you less than $10 an hour for our work. You doing the accounting costs you $250, while we cost you 1/25th or .04 of that amount. It's monetarily better to spend your time on getting clients or doing work for them, and it is also better for your client's happiness if you are dedicating more energy to nurturing those relationships than on Quickbooks. 

Let us take the burden off of you and allow you to focus your time, energy, and resources to your clients. Your time is money and we understand that. 

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