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Online Bookkeeping for Non-Profits

Bookkeeping Services for Non-Profits: ​

  • Complete bookkeeping management

  • Managing all bills so they are ready to be approved and paid by authorized personnel (up to 50 per month)

  • Receipt management in conjunction with client.  Client use of app to upload images of all receipts with description.

Starting at $99/month

We believe in your mission and want nothing more than to see you succeed. We know you may just think of accountants and bookkeepers as the person to hand your receipts to, but we’re more than that.



We care about our nation, our people, and our world too and we want to be hands on in helping you accomplish your mission. We ensure the highest levels of compliance and use the most innovative technology to accomplish your everyday accounting and bookkeeping for your non-profit, but we’ll also be the ones cheering on the sideline at your fundraising event or promoting you on social media.

We’re your biggest cheerleaders. Let’s do good together.

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