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Political Action Committees (PACS)

In today’s 24-hour or less news cycle, you can’t afford to put your organization’s brand at risk by not partnering with a PAC compliance expert. Our team at Lykke Political is made up of former Chiefs of Staff, FEC compliance experts, and accountants. Combined we have over 30 years working with candidates, campaigns, PACs, Chiefs of Staff, and Members of Congress.


We understand what it takes for Political Action Committees like yours to be successful. So, let us put that knowledge and expertise to work helping you focus on what you need to do to successfully execute your organization’s government relations strategy.

What we offer 

Expert Consulting for PAC Managers – We can serve as an expert resource for your PAC manager. Our team at Lykke Political understands the nuances of what it takes for a PAC to stay compliant – from solicitation to reporting – and we stand ready to answer whatever questions your team may have.

Financial Reviews and Compliance Audits - Experts and lawyers recommend that Corporate Political Action Committees (PACs) have their account reviewed every year. And because it is considered an administrative overhead expense, FEC compliance audits can be paid for using general corporate funds, thereby preserving your PAC money to help you implement your organization’s government relations strategy.

PACs that fail to employ professional compliance services are risking their organization’s brand and reputation. Lykke Political can find and fix discrepancies between your bank accounts and FEC reports. Let the professionals at Lykke Political double check your organization’s work before your reports go public for the world to see. The FEC is making it easier and easier for the press, your competitors, or whistleblowers to access campaign finance data. Don’t risk mistakes that can tarnish your brand and irrevocably set back your team’s government relations strategy.

Full-Service PAC Financial Management – Many PACs maintain in-house staff to manage a PAC or assign PAC duties to a junior employee. But too often PAC work gets left to the deadline which leads to last minute fire drills, mistakes, and puts your organization’s brand at risk. FEC compliance is not something your organization should push off to the last minute or push onto unexperienced employees.

Instead, many are PACs are turning to the experts at Lykke Political to manage their entire PAC operation. From processing contributions, to managing expenditures, to preparing FEC reports, Lykke Political is your one-stop-shop for everything PAC --- and we do it at a fraction of what it costs for your organization to pay a full-time employee.

Lykke Political – We focus on your books, so you can focus on your mission.

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