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Charitable Solicitation: Where to Register if You're on a Budget

There are 41 states that require you to register for charitable solicitation. Registering in all 41 states can add up quickly. Total fees can range anywhere from $1,400 up to $5,000. Most registrations must be renewed annually, and $5,000 a year might not cut it for smaller nonprofits. So, we put together this handy list of where you should register if you're on a budget. As always, if you are soliciting in a state you must register regardless of the costs to register.

In these states, it will cost you nothing ($0) to register:

Oregon Nevada Hawaii New Mexico Arkansas Kentucky Michigan

In these states, the registration fees are guaranteed to be $25 or lower. There are a few others that may be under $25 if your organization is very small, but the ranges vary state by state.

$10: Colorado







North Dakota




New York

New Hampshire


Registering in these 19 states will cost you a total of $255, and it covers about half of the states that require solicitation registration. It's better to be proactive rather than reactive in registering for solicitation. If you need assistance with registering or have any questions, please feel free to contact us and our team would be happy to help.


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