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Wilmington, North Carolina locals, Brian and Moria Rooney, have partnered with Portland Trail Blazers NBA star, Al-Farouq Aminu to combine charity and social media in a new mobile application. ALIST, a social giving app, partners with the world’s most influential people to promote awareness, charitable efforts, and reward loyal fans with exclusive prizes. Now followers can easily support worthy causes and get rewarded by their favorite celebrity for their contribution and for simply being engaged on the platform.

Each promotion on ALIST is spearheaded and influenced by an individual celebrity. Once a celebrity creates a promotion for a cause, they will choose a set of winners based on which users have donated the most. Celebrities will reward the winners of each promotion with unique prizes like a private video chat, signed memorabilia, a hand-written letter, or a one-on-one dining experience. ALIST will allow celebrities, as well as followers, an easier way to contribute in their local community and even nationally.

ALIST is a unique combination of social media and charity. The driving factor to create a social giving application came after the recent hurricane devastations, destructive wildfires, and the mass shooting in Las Vegas. “We needed a more powerful way to encourage people to donate,” said Moria Rooney, Co-Founder of ALIST. “Celebrities are known for their philanthropic efforts. They have a social following that’s worth leveraging for a greater good and were exactly what we needed to promote disaster relief efforts.”

ALIST will launch exclusively in the United States in February 2018 for the Apple and Android app stores.

As a nonprofit, if you sign up to be on the ALIST app by January 15th, you have a chance to be the first nonprofit ALIST raises money for at their launch! The link to sign up is here:

*Information provided by ALIST.


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