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Profile on Bloomerang: A donor database nonprofits actually love to use.

Bloomerang is awesome. Simple, easy, and just enough functionality to run your non-profit donor operations smoothly and effectively without over-complicating things.

To check out a demo of Bloomerang and see its features, visit this link:

What is Bloomerang?

Bloomerang is a cloud-based donor database used by nonprofit organizations to manage donor relationships. Users can input and track donations, build and deploy letters and emails, and generate comprehensive reports on campaign performance, donor engagement and retention.

Core Purpose: To improve donor retention in the nonprofit world.

Strategic Vision: To be the world’s best developer and deliverer of tools and perspectives that generate value for nonprofit donor relationships.

Why they got get started:

Nonprofits have a problem. The Fundraising Effectiveness Project releases an annual study on year-to-year fundraising results. They found that nonprofits, on average, only retain 45% of donors. In other words, more than half of every ten donors who make a gift in year one do not make a gift in year two. Because the cost of acquiring those donations is typically greater than the donation amount itself, nonprofits with low retention rates find themselves on a gift acquisition treadmill with ever-diminishing returns.

Solution: In setting out to create a donor management application focused on retention, the Bloomerang founders pooled together experts from several fields in order to make the software come to life.

The result is an easy-to-use, low-cost donor management system with a clean, modern interface. By putting retention and engagement at the forefront, Bloomerang enables nonprofits to focus more time and energy on the donors that represent the highest lifetime value to their organization. Bloomerang's communications tools automatically audit content for maximum effectiveness while the reporting tools allow users to track campaign performance.

To check out a demo of Bloomerang and see its features, visit this link:

Information provided by Bloomerang


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