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Thinking of Running? These Candidate Training Programs Can Help!

Thinking of running? You may want to consider a candidate training program if you’ve made the decision to run or even if you’re still deciding. A candidate training program can give you insight into what to expect throughout the campaign and help you be ready from the start.

Most of these organizations teach prospective candidates how to fundraise, how to communicate and respond in the correct manner, how to create a social media plan, etc. They all cover how to get the money, but not what to do with it after. That’s where Lykke can help.

You need a team of experts who will make sure you are compliant every step of your campaign trail. While you focus on getting your name out there and raising money, our team will make sure that every contribution and expense is permissible according to federal election law and that you stay out of the headlines for the wrong reasons.

If you would like to get started with a campaign training program, here’s a list of training programs to get you ready for success:

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

New Politics

Emerge America

Veterans Campaign

Ignite International


Victory Institute

New American Leaders


Democracy for America

Any one of these programs will help you become more prepared for your journey. Running for office isn't easy, and if you're looking for a team of experts to join you, look no further than our team at Lykke. Feel free to give us a call at 202-808-3482 or email with any financial or compliance questions you may have or for a FREE consultation.

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