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Top 3 Donor Management Systems

Donor management systems are a nonprofit necessity. Not only do they help you find and engage donors, but they help you keep track of and effectively communicate with existing donors. In fact, donor management systems are extremely handy during year-end when you need to provide contribution summaries to your donors or ask for a final year end donation. In this blog, we will cover the three best donor management systems and their amazing features.

Network For Good

Network for Good is easily the most robust and clean donor management system on the market, but it is also the most expensive. With the ability to send bulk emails, create beautiful and highly customized fundraising pages, and easily create donor lists based on demographic and giving habits, Network for Good is the premier donor management system. You can check out more of their features here. If you would like to use their software, please contact us for special pricing.


If you are just starting out, Bloomerang should be your go-to. Simple, easy, and just enough functionality to run your non-profit donor operations smoothly and effectively without over-complicating things. Bloomerang focuses on and was built for donor retention and their constituent timeline is incredibly helpful for monitoring every transaction between you and a donor. Unlike Network for Good, that starts at no less than $99/month, Bloomerang is free for your first 500 records, and then only increaes to $19/month for another 500. To check out a demo of Bloomerang and see its features, click here.


Funraise is the most modern of the donor management systems. The Funraise team is constantly adding new functionalities and expanding what a donor management system should do. One of the best features of Funraise is its wealth screening. You can easily scan your donors to see their giving capacity which is based on past giving, net worth, and a few other factors. Like Network for Good, Funraise starts at $99/month. Learn more about it here.

Overall, you can't go wrong with any of these donor management systems as long as you have one in place.


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