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Lykke provides individualized and customized solutions for our clients. We are as hands on as you want us to be. We can serve as a monthly reviewer of your books to your full outsourced financial operation.


Our pricing is value based and billed as a flat monthly fee. Some of the services we provide for our clients include:



Payroll management

Form 990

Donation management

Monthly reports

Billing management

Fixing books

Fund accounting

and more...

Schedule a consultation below to get your customized solution.

Starting a non-profit?

We can help with: 

Charitable Solicitation

Registration for Tax-Exempt Status, Form 1023

Obtaining an EIN 

Payroll, state withholding, state unemployment tax

General Consulting

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(coming soon)

Financial Auditing

We partner with an outside CPA Firm that has done non-profit auditing for 60 years. In preparation for your audit, we can help you put together the documents and items needed for your audit.

Grant Writing (coming soon)

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